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US-8028784-B1: Trailer with sliding axle patent, US-8034205-B2: Method for manufacturing a multimaterial component or construction patent, US-8051712-B2: Electronic stator end winding accelerometer sensor patent, US-8058367-B2: Methods and systems for controlling polymer particle size patent, US-8067374-B2: Adhesive hemostatic agent based on porcine atelocollagen and method for production thereof patent, US-8121719-B2: Methods and apparatus for electronically representing manufacturing flow patent, US-8192447-B2: Medical device and using method thereof patent, US-8257950-B2: Bisulfite conversion of DNA patent, US-6631210-B1: Image-processing apparatus and image-processing method patent, US-6754876-B2: System and method for designing a printed board adapted to suppress electromagnetic interference patent, US-6787204-B2: Multiple glazed insulating unit, especially for an aircraft window, with electromagnetic armor patent, US-6836319-B2: Optical system adjusting method for energy beam apparatus patent, US-6870918-B1: Method and system for processing a call associated with a caller's account identity patent, US-7059304-B2: Drive device for electrical injectors of an internal combustion engine common rail fuel injection system patent, US-7063298-B2: Holder for grease gun patent, US-7182674-B2: Coolant delivery apparatus for machine tool patent, US-7199893-B2: System, method and terminal for acquiring content information for printing patent, US-7448053-B2: Noise reducing optical disc drive patent, US-7683895-B2: Multi-purpose pen patent, US-7773098-B2: Virtual reality presentation apparatus and method patent, US-7861575-B2: Micro gas sensor and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-7924960-B1: Input/output data rate synchronization using first in first out data buffers patent, US-8008972-B2: Differential signal generator circuit patent, US-8086566-B2: Transaction consistent content replication patent, US-8194603-B2: Subframe component reduction and notification in a heterogeneous wireless communication system patent, US-8234337-B2: Methods and systems for determining quantitative benefits of travel avoidance through online web conferencing and tracking thereof patent, US-6702482-B2: Tripod patent, US-6791661-B2: Gas replacement method and apparatus, and exposure method and apparatus patent, US-6806669-B2: Motor overload coil control patent, US-7106524-B2: Optical pickup apparatus for read-write heads in high density optical storages patent, US-7117977-B2: Elevator apparatus including car with suspending pulley devices on opposite sides of the car patent, US-7178432-B1: Methods, devices and systems for screw feeding by vacuum and gravity patent, US-7484788-B2: Solid fold tonneau system patent, US-7609035-B2: Power generation control device for controlling power generation system of movable body and power generation control method patent, US-7612331-B2: Code disk with a plurality of tracks having different patterns patent, US-7614688-B2: Motor vehicle front spoiler with deformable sealing bulkhead patent, US-7884277-B2: Apparatus for the conversion of electromagnetic radiation in electric energy and corresponding process patent, US-8005021-B2: Method and device for address allocation for transmitting packets over a transparent bridge patent, US-8013491-B2: Stator for an electric drive motor patent, US-8123869-B2: Dishwasher having sorption drying device patent, US-8212001-B2: Peptides for the treatment of oxidative stress related disorders patent, US-8391888-B2: Portable mobile terminal and computer readable medium patent, US-8395093-B1: Conductive elastomeric heater with expandable core patent, US-6670723-B2: Irradiation direction control apparatus for vehicle lamp patent, US-6725148-B1: Diesel engine injection timing signal interceptor module patent, US-6756654-B2: Structure of trench isolation and a method of forming the same patent, US-6784252-B2: Blow moldable propylene polymer compositions patent, US-6880378-B1: Chain cutter patent, US-6951300-B2: Display packaging patent, US-6964620-B2: Golf club iron patent, US-7106517-B2: Display optical films patent, US-7145373-B2: Frequency-controlled DLL bias patent, US-7270263-B2: Systems and methods for automatically distributing gifts to recipients on behalf of customers patent, US-7309619-B2: Light-emitting element, production method thereof, and light-emitting apparatus patent, US-7457774-B1: Dynamic reallocation hedge accounting patent, US-7514310-B2: Dual work function metal gate structure and related method of manufacture patent, US-7517623-B2: Imaging member having antistatic anticurl back coating patent, US-7538576-B2: Non-volatile look-up table for an FPGA patent, US-7634076-B2: Network, system and method for distributing digital media patent, US-7634574-B2: Communication control device, communication terminal device, server device, and communication control method patent, US-7644698-B2: Non-equilibrium plasma discharge type ignition device patent, US-7747942-B2: System and method for obtaining a markup language template through reversing engineering patent, US-7773136-B2: Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method for equalizing infrared components in each color component signal patent, US-7783768-B2: Method for establishing peer-to-peer connection, method, apparatus and system for traversing NAT to realize network communication patent, US-7905940-B2: Method for reducing metal oxide slags or glasses and/or for degassing mineral melts, and device for carrying out said method patent, US-7911758-B2: Low power solenoid control system and method patent, US-7969936-B2: Radio terminal, module for such a unit and method for transmitting associated control channels patent, US-7989016-B2: Method for producing a low sodium salt composition patent, US-8098101-B2: Method of achieving high selectivity in receiver RF front-ends patent, US-8228068-B2: Systems and methods for detecting wire breaks patent, US-8280574-B2: Path planning device and method, cost evaluation device, and moving body patent, US-8282281-B2: Air bearing with consideration of high-frequency resonances patent, US-8291953-B2: Tire with lower region comprising a bielastic reinforcing element patent, US-8324567-B2: Ion spectrum analysing apparatus and method patent, US-8341089-B2: Real estate management system and method patent, US-8355940-B2: Capability and maturity-based SOA governance patent, US-8391562-B2: Water tables mapping patent, US-6645164-B2: Lingual vibration device patent, US-6654201-B2: Shroud for disk drive with particulate filter elements patent, US-6754860-B2: Method for creating defect management information in an recording medium, and apparatus and medium based on said method patent, US-7003098-B2: Method and system for measurement of the delay through a network link bounded by an echo canceller patent, US-7015995-B2: Liquid crystal display having undulated anisotropic reflection electrodes and openings therein patent, US-7080880-B2: Upper body side protection device for a vehicle occupant and vehicle seat patent, US-7366149-B2: Web-contents receiving system and apparatus for providing an access point patent, US-7378669-B2: Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby patent, US-7590607-B2: Non-unitary probabilistic quantum computing circuit and method patent, US-8023253-B1: Enclosure and operable storage system patent, US-8036512-B2: Digital signal receiving apparatus and digital signal receiving method patent, US-8174679-B2: Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method patent, US-8208732-B2: Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium patent, US-8237995-B2: Multifunction apparatus patent, US-8256673-B1: Time-varying barcode in an active display patent, US-8317431-B2: Conveyor to transport air patent, US-8367487-B2: Structure and method for fabricating a microelectronic device provided with one or more quantum wires able to form one or more transistor channels patent, US-6674263-B2: Control system for a renewable energy system patent, US-7008222-B2: Root canal plugging apparatus for dental work patent, US-7082159-B2: Methods and arrangements in a telecommunications system patent, US-7161769-B1: Disk drive having an actuator arm assembly that includes stamped actuator arms patent, US-7422392-B2: Water control structure patent, US-7472158-B2: Initiator connection tag for simple table lookup patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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