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FI-982716-D0: patent, FI-982750-D0: patent, FI-990905-D0: patent, FI-991444-D0: patent, GB-0000160-D0: Rear vision wiper mirror patent, GB-0000272-D0: Improvements relating to low-cost radio-frequency signal strength measurement patent, GB-0001163-D0: Method and appartus for operating a thermostatic valve patent, GB-0001409-D0: Seal protection apparatus patent, GB-0001415-D0: Security device patent, GB-0001914-D0: Catalyst patent, GB-0002228-D0: A method and apparatus for switching between digital bitstreams patent, GB-0002298-D0: Safety belt with belt tautener patent, GB-0002737-D0: Outdoor portable play pen patent, GB-0002897-D0: Marine structure patent, GB-0003760-D0: Droplet deposition apparatus patent, GB-0004527-D0: Inks patent, GB-0004597-D0: Roof vents patent, GB-0005007-D0: Insole heat pack patent, GB-0005865-D0: Mattress arrangement patent, GB-0006865-D0: Low pH high fatty acid vanishing cream patent, GB-0006879-D0: Storing and updating records relating to communications network data transfer patent, GB-0007716-D0: Fabric joining by fibre encapsulation patent, GB-0008913-D0: Cleaning tool for optical fiber connector patent, GB-0009221-D0: Risticator patent, GB-0009511-D0: 4-Acylamido-piperidine compounds in stabilizer combinations for chlorine-containing polymers patent, GB-0010320-D0: Multi-lateral wellbore systems and methods of forming same patent, GB-0010996-D0: A sensible and reproducible assay for circulating immune complexes using protein g coated substrates patent, GB-0011041-D0: Art sphere patent, GB-0011579-D0: The use of domain names that represent the grade of individual pupils when allocating E-mail and web site addresses to a group of pupils that represent more t patent, GB-0012558-D0: Kit patent, GB-0012800-D0: Stabilizer mixtures patent, GB-0013464-D0: Vehicle suspension system patent, GB-0013496-D0: Plasma source patent, GB-0014447-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-0014891-D0: Fabric softening compositions patent, GB-0015483-D0: Packaging patent, GB-0015656-D0: System and method for producing a patent specification and a patent application patent, GB-0015851-D0: Medicaments patent, GB-0016296-D0: Method of performing a commercial transaction on a network patent, GB-0016369-D0: Managing network addresses patent, US-5610031-A: B1k chain of laminin and methods of use patent, GB-0016447-D0: Process for preparing distamycin derivatives patent, GB-0016531-D0: Fast set camera adapter patent, GB-0016956-D0: Plant protection apparatus patent, GB-0017635-D0: Antitumor combined therapy patent, GB-0017688-D0: Golf ball with integral audio locating device patent, GB-0017789-D0: Electrophotographic image reproduction system patent, GB-0018263-D0: Data compression patent, GB-0018404-D0: Tape winding machine patent, GB-0018624-D0: Metered dose inhaler patent, GB-0019549-D0: Disposable toilet seat cushion patent, GB-0019626-D0: Novel light-enhanced fuel cell patent, GB-0020471-D0: Glass compositions patent, GB-0020790-D0: Insulation pack for use as a mounting mat in catalystic converter units patent, GB-0021353-D0: Method for operating personal ad-hoc network (pan) among bluetooth devices patent, GB-0021803-D0: Sanitary/cosmetic disposal enclosure and dispensories patent, GB-0021998-D0: Method and system for dynamic encryption of a web-page patent, GB-0022161-D0: Spacer for a pile cage and method of making the spacer patent, GB-0022325-D0: Cache memory patent, GB-0022930-D0: Specific application of electronic tagging system patent, GB-0023036-D0: Smoke operated stable fire door patent, GB-0023814-D0: Endoluminal centring catheter patent, GB-0024152-D0: Cranial sacral therapy in reflexology patent, GB-0024625-D0: Tube finning machine patent, GB-0024783-D0: Emergency escape window apperatus patent, GB-0024865-D0: Signal transmitting switch patent, GB-0025429-D0: Self-service terminal patent, GB-0026285-D0: Searching procedures patent, GB-0026658-D0: Cable sealing apparatus patent, GB-0027057-D0: A method for preserving food products particularly caviar patent, GB-0029248-D0: A pipe coupling patent, GB-0029405-D0: Method patent, GB-0030664-D0: Cutter element patent, GB-0030981-D0: Polymers patent, GB-0031479-D0: Centralised tubular patent, GB-0100547-D0: A method and system for combating robots and rogues patent, GB-0102256-D0: Scoop having closeable bottom opening patent, GB-0102324-D0: Capacitance type displacement responsive device and a suspension system for a displacement responsive device patent, GB-0102497-D0: Friction engaging device patent, GB-0102523-D0: Coating of food products patent, GB-0102947-D0: Method patent, GB-0103973-D0: Improvements relating to skin prickers patent, GB-0104318-D0: Apparatus for surveying and cleaning of gutters and other awkwardly placed articles patent, GB-0104530-D0: Tube patent, GB-0104565-D0: Lock mechanism patent, GB-0104669-D0: Capped head hammer patent, GB-0104768-D0: A two paint pots in one patent, GB-0105285-D0: A method and apparatus for branch prediction using a second level branch prediction table patent, GB-0105579-D0: Cloths dryer cover patent, GB-0106029-D0: Novel pharmaceutical method patent, GB-0106814-D0: Article dispensing pocket assembly patent, GB-0107821-D0: Method and apparatus for telephone dialling using a network device patent, GB-0108435-D0: Connection of a junction to an electrical conductor track on a plate patent, GB-0108596-D0: Lubricating oils patent, GB-0109063-D0: Methods of monitoring blood pressure patent, GB-0109374-D0: Ventilation and heat recovery system patent, GB-0109692-D0: Motor cooling patent, GB-0110042-D0: Card approval method, settlement system and apparatus therefor patent, GB-0110249-D0: Method of and apparatus for automatically pricing a commodity patent, GB-0110259-D0: Fence post cover system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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